My fluffy beens!!

I have three and soon four of the fluffyist fluffy beans called cats! There names are Mochi, Bootsie, and twiggy. Mochi and Bootsie live at my dads house and twiggy the fluffy been lives at my moms.

 I call mochi by the name of giant fuffy jelly been squishy fluffle nugget and bootsie by the name of Mew mew fluffer squshy lil flufly qutie mustache pie fluer and Twiggy by the name of flufer squty lil flfer nugget squish bean nutkin mew mew mew flr <3 <3.

 I love them all with all of my heart!!


Blogging about blogging

this year i will talk about blogging well blogging! We will blog about out of eaden and many other things! Last year we talked
about out if eaden so this year we will do the same thing but there are new 4th graders.

 We will also be doing mini sosiotie    witch is like you have some bissness say its making
pompom animals. You would have a satand and people would come to your stand and use fake money it will be fun


Hello again!

Hi this is my 2and year blogging sooooooo yeah i hope you enjoiy!


digital footprints

we were told to watch to videos about digital footprints i liked the first video a Little better because it was Les creepy but the second video told me more info so i don't know.😯


My Cookin/Baking book

I know have a cooking blog for a personal project here is an adobe voice about it:


Karaty Ternament

I do karate at the IMA dojo and they have a tournament. I was once in a  karate tournament and i got the PARTICIPATION MEDAL  when i really did deserve a gold or at theist silver. 😠  I am getting of subject. When i was in the competition we go to where the Judges are we do our cata (sequence of karate moves) and then we walk away. The Judie's then tell you (after every body else) who the whiners are if your not a winner you go over to a table and get the participation medal, if you are a winner then you go over to the podium and get on the 1st place you go on the heist podium if you are second or third you go  to the places that say 2nd and 3rd. then you get your medal. It is a little scary go up there with everyone has there eyes on YOU! Even thoug there are other people out there doing things most people are intersed in them so EVEN THOUGE YOU can't do anything out there but your amazing karate moves and then leave wait and then loose or win you know that you will be happy eather way!