This weeks blogging challenge is to blog about something we are passionate about. Well I have many things I could say I am "passionate" about like cello, cats, baking but one inperticulare I don't really write about. That thing is acting. I have 2 acting experiences  will tell you about.

5th grade performance
Last Wednesday we performed THE LION KING JR.  me and my friend Lauren (http://lauren-cm.blogspot.com/) and I were TIMON AND PUMBAA we were amazing (as we were told we were told) we sang hakuna matata like nobody had before. My costume was a yellow onsie we got online and then we spray panted it with fabric spray and bout a stuffed animal dog with long ears, cut those of and Swed them onto the hood of the onsie. I also had black gloves with furry fabric on them and some black socks. we wore face paint (it got in my nose) and sang songs with the cast and everyone was so nice. I want to act more because it is fun.

4th grade performance
Last year we did the performance of ALICE IN WONDERLAND JR. i was the Cheshire cat. My costume was a pink and purple outfit with black gloves and a hole latta face paint i don't remember much of the performance except that i didn't get a song and i was littler disappointed in the set team but it is just elementary school it wont effect me long term.


Blogging games

The blogging game is were you go to three blogs  and comment nice comments on all of them.
one of the three blogs I went to are:


I read a post with a poem about chex mix and then i had to eat a snack because I was Hungary.

the second blog i went to was:


i read a post about the blog create named kitty. she has a fun blog with alto of interesting things.

the last blog i went to was called 


i read a post about music.


week 5 and 6 blogging challenge

For this weeks blogging challenge i decided to do it on my cello!
my favorite song is cripple creek. It is a folk song. I love the toon and the rhythm.

I play cello every Tuesday and Thursday, i am supposed to practice every day for 20 minuets but i don't have that kind of time so i usually practice Sunday and Saturday for 40 minutes.

I like cello because it is a fun instrument. I also think this quote is funny

"yes i play cello... ... no it is not an over sized violin"

link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cello 


week 4 blogging challeng

For this weeks blogging challenge it was about global issues so i chose the plastic in the ocean. my mom my sister and my grandma and me went to monetary bay aquarium on our trip to San fransisco and there was an exhibit about plastic in the ocean. later we went and bout bracelets were watch bracelet helped remove 1 pound of plastic in the ocean.  Then we looked online to see how you can help not get as much plastic in the ocean. One was bring reusable bags to the shopping center witch we already did! Another was use a wooden toothbrush so i got one made of bamboo. The other was bring you re own cup to the coffee shop, when we were looking up ways to help something came to me a pound doesn't sound like allot but plastic is light so that is allot of trash!!


feild trip

a few weeks ago we went on a class Field trip and it was really fun. On the way there me and my Friend Lauren  http://lauren-cm.blogspot.com/ sang the magic school bus on the ride. we got there and they let us do this experiment with posin and we had to save a sientist from death in 30 minesats
and then


my new avatar

  1. I recently created a new avatar! i like it a lot more than the previous one! it will be on my blog until next year. i like the purple hair (even tho i have blond hair) because purple is my favoerit color. i also like the pen in y hand because i love to draw. i have cat ears because in real life i wear cat ears every day. here is the web sight i used




 i have\had many fish. i recently got new ones named Peppercorn, Ginger, Leviathan and  Apollo.
 pepper corn dead in 5 houres. the next day we  took her back and got another fish named Scorpio.  soon after Scorpio and Apollo died and then Leviathan. we are going back to pet smart today.

apparently there is a thing were you can take you're fish back if they die in 14 days with the recent and get a refund. the trouble is getting them there. we froze them. Now there is a whole thing of dead fish in a bag.

the types of fish they were was was

Peppercorn: Cory catfish

ginger: Blondie guppies

leviathan: guppies

Apollo: Blondie guppies

Scorpio: sunshine guppies



Work plans

In School we have work plans an easy way to know what to work on! we have planners and binders and that's what i am going to talk about!! When you open my planner the first thing you will see is...

a small purple pencil case with my library card my pencil my ear buds and some chap stick. on the left side you will see a lot of papers shoved into a pocket on of which with a dinosaur on it that says "you can do it!"  that is Larry the motivational dinosaur. he lives in my binder and pays in motivation.

if you turn over the pencil case you will see a red planner with "its our world written" written on it then it has Poppy written at the bottom with a few cat stickers.

if you open that up to the peace of paper sticking out on the left you will see...
some written words like "mini other story" or "word problems blue"  there should either be a check or an x next to it. If there is a check that means i did that work if there is a x that means i did not. on the right side you will see my work plan paper which has work i need to do on it.

Past that you will find a pink pocket with spelling written on it. That has my spelling words flip it over you will find my spelling assignment's.

flip past them you will find my work in progress and there lies all my unfinished forgotten work R.I.P.

Go past that there is some extra paper and a few inspirational quotes, doodles and all around funny extra stuff.



Thanks Giving break birthday

This thanks giving break, I turned 11 and that was AMAZING!!! I got a karaoke machine and a Narwhal clay figure! I can't say which gift was my favorite but they were all good! I also got 2 thanks givings one at my moms and one at my dads. at my moms thanks giving I got pie,biscuits, turkey, and saga which is kinda like different kinds of veggies. I tryed it and it was spice! I think its because I ate a jalapeno flake in it!


My fluffy beans!!

I have three and soon four of the fluffyist fluffy beans called cats! There names are Mochi, Bootsie, and twiggy. Mochi and Bootsie live at my dads house and twiggy the fluffy been lives at my moms.

 I call mochi by the name of giant fuffy jelly been squishy fluffle nugget and bootsie by the name of Mew mew fluffer squshy lil flufly qutie mustache pie fluer and Twiggy by the name of flufer squty lil flfer nugget squish bean nutkin mew mew mew flr <3 <3.

 I love them all with all of my heart!!