digital footprints

we were told to watch to videos about digital footprints i liked the first video a Little better because it was Les creepy but the second video told me more info so i don't know.😯


My Cookin/Baking book

I know have a cooking blog for a personal project here is an adobe voice about it:


Karaty Ternament

I do karate at the IMA dojo and they have a tournament. I was once in a  karate tournament and i got the PARTICIPATION MEDAL  when i really did deserve a gold or at theist silver. 😠  I am getting of subject. When i was in the competition we go to where the Judges are we do our cata (sequence of karate moves) and then we walk away. The Judie's then tell you (after every body else) who the whiners are if your not a winner you go over to a table and get the participation medal, if you are a winner then you go over to the podium and get on the 1st place you go on the heist podium if you are second or third you go  to the places that say 2nd and 3rd. then you get your medal. It is a little scary go up there with everyone has there eyes on YOU! Even thoug there are other people out there doing things most people are intersed in them so EVEN THOUGE YOU can't do anything out there but your amazing karate moves and then leave wait and then loose or win you know that you will be happy eather way!



I read a book about a girl named Youtsuba who moves to Tokyo and gets new nabers here is a word cloud about the bookπŸ’¬πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί:


Book bingo!

In my class we are doing a book bingo were you read books and then do a book report on theme. you know the adobe voice things i put on my blog? well those were book projects!😎😎 The one called Animal Jam is about a book called The insiders guide to Animal Jam
and the one called Harry Potter is about well... Harry potter.😺


Hello World

this is a post about me so you can know if you would like this blog!

A animal lover
B blogger
C cat lover
D dog lover
E enjoy
F fluffy kittens
G glories
H hyper
I ice cream
J joyful
K kind
L loving
M musical
N never-failying
O oprishitiv
P poppy
Q quick
R rainbow
S still
T trust worthy
U unicorn
V vengeful
W word-full
X xylaphone playing
Y yummy icecream
Z zebra lover

DID you like it??